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 At La Luma, we’re known for disrupting industry norms—and our pricing structure is no exception. The traditional structure of gender-based pricing doesn’t serve the luxury salon experience that our stylists provide to our guests, nor does it allow freedom to create the one-of-a-kind masterpieces we strive for. So, we are once again turning industry expectations on their head and restructuring our pricing. Let us introduce to you prices, that no matter the age or gender, will allow each guest to experience the personal service they deserve.



At La Luma Salon we conciously offer varying levels of expertise so that guests can get exactly what they want from their time with us. 

Learn what the different levels mean by taking a look over here, and scroll down for more details on our student salon experience. 




Our other services (think, customized colour services, treatments designed just for your unique needs, and transformational services) are subject to a consultation with your stylist prior to booking the service.  This helps us make sure that your experience is as enjoyable and luxurious as you deserve, and that we make sure to serve you with excellence, creating exactly the look you are dreaming of.  You can book your cut or consultation appointment by clicking the button below! 




Our eager and creative students at La Luma Academy are at your service. When you are in their chair, you can expect to enjoy the naturally collaborative atmosphere often associated with interactive education. Supervised by our senior and master stylists, you’ll bask in an extended relaxation experience with professional level results.