GLO Recycling

This is Alyssa from GLO Recycling just reaching out to say hello and congratulations to La Luma Salon & Academy for making it in the Salon 200 list! Such an exciting accomplishment and awesome recognition!

Jenni B.

I started going to La Luma years ago after seeing what an amazing job they had done on my co-workers hair. I have since moved to Toronto, but continue coming back to La Luma. The quality, services and value they provide makes the trip worth it!

Jean P.

I’ve been coming to Andrew for 9 years, and it’s because Andrew listens to me! Either that, or if I want to do something different, he won’t give me something that I can’t handle. I think he has a good eye, and is a great hair cutter. He gets to know you well, so he knows what you’ll like. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, and the staff members are friendly. They treat you well, and are on the same level with you.

Monica C.

I have been coming to La Luma for 4 years now and am very happy with the quality this salon provides me. It is an excellent teaching environment, and every student I’ve worked with has done a great job! I give La Luma 5 stars!

Amber Z.

My experiences at La Luma are always relaxing, professional and fun. The stylists demonstrate a high level of care and consideration. I am always happy when I leave. 

Jennifer J.

I have been a client at La Luma for 4 years. I started seeing students for financial reasons. However, once finances were not my concern, I stayed. The atmosphere is upbeat and full of optimism – cooperative and congenial. The students are well-trained and skilled. The senior stylists and instructors are fantastic. Oh, and also, I LOVE MY HAIR EVERYTIME!

Dayna V.

I have been coming to La Luma Academy for years and I always have a great experience. It’s awesome meeting new students because there is always a new vision for my haircut or dye. Overall its a great place to be and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jennifer P.

La Luma has set a high standard for style, customer service, professionalism and quality, natural products.

Effie G.

I’ve been coming to Andrew for 12 years. I keep coming back because it feels like family… like a place where people get to really know you and what you like. I appreciate the professionalism, and the importance placed on the experience while there.  They are always trying to make what they do for you better, and I’m always happy, laughing, and relaxed there.