Cancellation Policy


Watch on floor

Please honour your stylist’s time by arriving on time for your appointment, ready to go.


Honouring time

Many of our guests have busy schedules. We want to respect your valuable time with an efficient and relaxing experience. Our stylists have carefully choreographed their schedules to fit in your service at a relaxed, rejuvenating pace.


Arriving Late

Please give yourself extra time to park downtown so you can arrive ready to go. Due to a full schedule and subsequent appointments, it may not be possible to complete your full service if you arrive late.  Arriving more than 15 minutes late, without notice, will result in full payment owing, and the need to re-book your appointment for a different time.


Change or Cancellation

If a conflict develops in your calendar, please give as much notice as possible so that we can fill your spot with another guest. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for changing or cancelling an appointment.  Failure to provide sufficient notice or not showing up to your appointment will result in payment owing for half of the visit value at your next visit.