About La Luma Salon

La Luma is built on a foundation of education for staff, clients, and students. Knowledge is power. At La Luma Salon, we believe that how you look shapes how you feel, and how other people see you. We want you to look and feel great and we will work with you to create a look that supports who you are.  Just as important, we’ll teach you how to maintain the look at home.



How to look and feel your best with colleagues, family, and friends in-between appointments. Being a La Luma educated guest is having the knowledge and skills to choose what services and products will best support the look you want to re-create every day.



What you believe of yourself into reality. As you navigate the journey together with your stylist you get professional support to look and feel great. Take a risk and ask for a professional recommendation to create a whole new look. Or maintain the existing look that you already love.



By steering your own life!  Know you have the knowledge and skills to look sharp and feel confident in any situation, no matter what the circumstances.