The Year Ahead


Junior ( Month 1-4 )

Beginning with a week-long Orientation, the Junior Class focuses on developing a strong technical foundation, creating personal goals, and building a resilient team.  

Some of the material covered in this stage is:

  • Foundations (Cutting System)
  • Master Finishing (Blow Dry System)
  • VIA (Cutting System)
  • Hair Styling
  • Salon Coordinator Class
  • Colour Theory and Application
  • Men’s Barbering
  • Textbook and Theory
  • Long Hair Styling
  • E-Myth (Business Class)
  • Self Discovery 3 Day Course (Guest Teacher: Laurence Follows)
Intermediate ( Months 5-8 )

Intermediate stage sees students make the exciting transition to the Salon Floor as Stylists. Each student learns to support their team on the Salon Floor during their turns as the Salon


Co-Ordinator  while simultaneously continuing to develop their skills by performing services on the Salon Floor.  Leadership skills are learned as this group of students become mentors to the incoming Junior class. 

Some of the material covered during this stage is:

  • Short Trends
  • Make Up
  • Wealthy Barber (Business Class)
  • Salon Project
  • The Art of Hair Design
Senior ( Months 9-12 )

You’re in the home stretch!  During this stage, students continue their mentorship of the, now Intermediate class, and they also begin to lead their own services on the Salon Floor, fine-tuning the skills they have learned in the previous stages.

In addition to leadership and excellence on the Salon Floor, this stage covers the following material:

  • Photo Shoot
  • Resumes and Job Interview Prep
  • Review and Reflect