What exactly does “more than just a beauty school” mean? 



La Luma Academy's program engages 3 Areas of Focus



The process of making meaning from direct experience, or ‘learning from experience’.  Students spend 8 months on our Salon Floor working as stylists. During this time, they put their newly developed technical skills to practice.  With the support of instructors, students reflect on each service provided on the floor, looking at what worked and what didn’t.  We are committed to learning in every situation, and in providing students with ongoing feedback and acknowledgment to support their growth. Students experience leadership and mentoring throughout the program: with their peers, guests, and community.


Students are taught systems, principles, and procedures for all elements of hairstyling. Service, cutting, colouring, and business systems provide students with a framework for every experience on the Salon Floor. Having a strong framework builds confidence, precision, and consistency, and makes any service or problem manageable. Following their mastery of the systems, students are encouraged to test and challenge the rules of their systems.  It is in challenging the rules that students unleash their creativity while gaining a deeper understanding of their technical skillset.


Our students understand that business is a way of being. The mood and energy you show up with every day will directly impact the success of the day. For students to get the most out of their education and their career, they need a clear purpose for themselves and their future.  Students receive support, feedback, acknowledgments, and opportunities that align with their purpose. Students practice having direct conversations, being responsible for their actions, and being accountable to their team.