This sounds great! How do I get in?

We would love to have you!  Similar to our program itself, our acceptance criteria combines a mixture of hard and soft measurables.


There are two primary points of assessment for prospective students:

    1. Grade 12 or High School Equivalent

This is an Ontario licensing requirement for hairstylists.  You may begin your program at Laluma          Academy prior to obtaining this requirement, but in order to be licensed, this must be achieved.


     2. Interview

Prospective students will take part in a Salon and Academy facility tour as well as an interview with members of the Academy Leadership Team.  The interview focuses on the student as a whole and is primarily assessing for passion, which is hard to measure, but we believe we’ve gotten pretty great at it!  If you have specific questions about what we are looking for during this interview, please contact Christy Munro, La Luma Academy's Education Director