Fees and Admissions

La Luma Academy accepts tuition payment in monthly installments, and our admissions process begins with a salon tour and a complimentary shampoo! 

Proof of Certification

La Luma Academy is a Registered Private Career College and we offer a unique education which creates leaders who thrive in the hairstyling industry. 

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La Luma Front Door


The fees for your time at Laluma Academy are made up of two components: Tuition and Toolkit 

Hair Stylist Course Fee: $9,078, paid in installments:
  • Months 1 - 6:  A payment of $756.50 is due on or before the first Monday of each month
  • Months 7-12: A lump sum of $4539.00 is due on or before the first Monday of month 7 - this is the final tuition payment
Professional Tool Kit (incl textbooks): $1921.00 (incl HST), due prior to your start date:
  • A deposit of $565.00 is due upon acceptance to hold your position in the program
  • The final payment of $1356.00 is due two months prior to your start date
Your Professional Tool Kit includes:
  • Shears
  • Thinning Shears
  • Razor
  • Styling Brushes
  • Combs
  • Blow-Dryer
  • Flat Iron
  • Curling Iron
  • Four Mannequin Heads
  • Trimmer
  • Cape
  • Gloves
  • Clips
  • Tripod
  • Textbooks – Business and Technical

Like most private, specialized post-secondary education options, La Luma Academy does not offer on-site Residence options or accommodations for students. For those students who will require a living space in Guelph, consider the following when weighing rental options:

  • Choose a location close enough to walk to and from La Luma.
  • Choose a location that is on the city bus route.
  • Choose any location, and purchase a City of Guelph parking pass 
  • Secure your accommodations early!  As a University town, rental spaces are plentiful but do get filled up quite quickly.  


La Luma Academy is RESP Certified:

Click on this link to view our Proof of Certification. As a La Luma Academy student, please refer to the linked document as proof of certification for tuition and education tax credits, and to use your RESPs to fund tuition costs.

Looking for other ways of funding your education?

Second Chance is a program funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and is designed to provide skills training to individuals who are unemployed and have received a layoff. Second Chance staff will take the time to discuss your personal situation, and assess your eligibility and suitability for this program.

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 This sounds great! How do I get in?

We would love to have you!  Similar to our program itself, our acceptance criteria combines a mixture of hard and soft measurables.


There are two primary points of assessment for prospective students:

    1. Grade 12 or High School Equivalent

This is an Ontario licensing requirement for hairstylists.  You may begin your program at Laluma          Academy prior to obtaining this requirement, but in order to be licensed, this must be achieved.


     2. Interview

Prospective students will take part in a Salon and Academy facility tour as well as an interview with members of the Academy Leadership Team.  The interview focuses on the student as a whole and is primarily assessing for passion, which is hard to measure, but we believe we’ve gotten pretty great at it!  If you have specific questions about what we are looking for during this interview, please contact Christy Munro, La Luma Academy's Education Director


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