La Luma Academy Expectations

La Luma Academy is different

We are not just a beauty school

We are not just about hair


Successful La Luma students graduate grounded in their technical skills, passionate and inspired.  As self-fulfilled and confident leaders, they are ready to launch into the world to achieve their personal and professional goals.

La Luma is a world-ready, valuable, post-secondary option that prepares creative individuals to thrive and live in a collaborative community.  Be prepared for an intense, hands-on journey of creative discovery that will challenge, inspire and prepare you for the exciting career of hairstyling.  We are committed to making the learning process enjoyable and fun for everyone.  Learn more about the 3 Areas of Focus, the pillars of our program.



 What is La Luma? from La Luma Salon & Academy on Vimeo.

Each aspect of an education at Laluma Academy has been carefully crafted to benefit our students and set them up for success.  Our class structure is intentionally designed to facilitate a team mentality and allow for each individual to thrive.  We have purposely maintained small class sizes to allow for individual attention and to support all learning styles. The typical class at La Luma Academy ranges from 8 to 12 students, with a new group of incoming students beginning at 3 points during the year: January, May and September.

Our thrice-yearly enrollment structure provides our students with an experience which is quite unique in post-secondary education - authentically being part of a team.  Our classes participate in mentoring and leading classes that, will in turn, follow them, and work in alignment with our entire Aacademy/Salon organization.  At any moment, in the Academy there are 3 levels of experience being honed and helping one another grow: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior.

Students are encouraged to support their classmates in the same way that successful salon professionals support each other on the Salon Floor. Students learn that providing the ultimate experience for their guests is most important, and that this requires intentionally working as part of a team with diverse experience.

Providing a professional atmosphere with high expectations is one of the ways we set our students up for success.  An important part of this relates to how students arrive at the Academy each morning. Students will be expected to show up rested, ready to learn, and prepared to engage fully in whatever the day brings. Game face must be ON by 8:45 am – BEFORE the morning huddle.

Students are also expected to arrive each day in black professional attire.  This visually supports our focus on making our guests the “star of the show” and positions stylists as supporting characters.  It shows unity within our team, and a distinction between guests and stylists. From a purely practical perspective, it also does a great job of hiding the inevitable - colour stains. 

So what does this mean exactly?  Here are some simple guidelines:

  • Clothing should be all black, but a splash of colour is welcomed.
  • All skirt, dress and short lengths must be past fingertips when arms are extended down the side.
  • No jeans, ripped pants, track pants, sweat pants or yoga pants.
  • Silk-screened shirts must be paired with a more professional bottom (pant, skirt etc).
  • The Ministry of Health and Safety requires that all students and staff wear closed toed shoes while working on the Salon Floor.
  • Hair must be clean and styled. No ponytails, no bedhead. Remember you are in the business of hair!
  • Make up can be clean and natural, or creative and fun.
  • All dress code is subject to the instructor’s discretion.