All of the educators who work with Laluma are professional stylists currently working in the industry. They are gifted teachers with individual approaches fueled by their own experience, so students learn from real life situations. 

La Luma educators are creative and engaging. They incorporate innovative ways to help each student maximize their learning. They want students to be successful in their careers and in their lives, so they go above and beyond providing support to learn the theory, and fully integrate the skills. They see the importance of teaching to the whole student; reaching the head, heart and hands. Teachers are committed to seeing their students graduate as professional stylists who can relate and listen to clients, execute services at an expert level, and genuinely reflect the goals set out in their guest consultation.

For the added benefit of our students, Laluma invites guest instructors to provide learning opportunities related to their areas of specialty, current trends, and learner directed topics.  This ensures that the students have experience interacting with a wide variety of instruction styles and personalities which further equips them for life after the classroom.