What's your problem?


One of the major lessons that I have learned in life, and this hit home for me as an educator, is that if we see life as a problem, then we more often than not get stuck in a cycle—especially if we are a part of that problem.

We may not notice this, as cycles can be years in duration. Nonetheless, they still keep us fixed in a particular way that stunts or eliminates growth altogether. 

As I point this out, pause for a moment and have a look. Are you progressing through life in a linear manner? Or are you noticing the same circumstances over and over? 

man studyingPhoto by Tim Gouw from Pexels

The automatic response to this is that we often blame someone else for this cycle. In my experience both as a student and as an educator, students often say something along the lines of “I never learned that particular skill or information needed to gain competency”. We all have different versions of this story, and if you take a moment to reflect, it will become apparent to you. We have all made up excuses like this, such as “the dog ate it.”

What if we changed our perspective? What if we stopped seeing life and ourselves as a problem but rather chose to experience life? If we see life as a series of experiences that allow us to gain insight and wisdom and not personalize everything, then we could break the cycle and move into a linear progressive way of being.

For all the students out there, let yourself off the hook. Get present to life as an experience, not a problem. 

Try it on for yourself. Let me know what happens. I am curious to know your thoughts.