The Integrity Question

How do you see the effect of your own leadership?

It’s difficult to point at integrity. As an observable thing. Doing what you say you’re going to do. Following through. Honouring your word.

One place to look is how your staff are interacting with each other. Are they following through with their agreements? Are they arriving on time? Are they keeping their word? Or are they complaining and gossiping about their circumstances?

The level of gossip that occurs inside your organization directly correlates with the level of integrity in which your leadership team operates.

So if you want to contain gossip, and create a workplace with integrity, then don’t give them anything to gossip about. Be a role model, walk your walk, honour your word, be transparent, don’t bullshit. Own your mistakes, and learn from them.

It takes a big person to take the conversation out of right and wrong, and into the heart of responsibility. The true sign of a leader is owning all of it.

Reflections from Beyond the Chair
by Andrew McAleese, Owner of La Luma Salon & Academy