The Gift and Journey of Experience


Something that I have been thinking about as of late is experience. An old saying that my grandmother would often recite is "if you could put an older person's head on a younger person's shoulders, you would have the perfect match."

As I move along in my own life, I can relate. I have heard many times from people that if they had to pick the perfect age to be frozen in time at, it would be around 35. I interpret this as the tongue and cheek desire to blend youthfulness and experience.

ScabblePhoto by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

One of the many challenges that we have as older, experienced people is how to transfer this to the next generation. Often, I notice that we can grow impatient or start the conversation of "what's up with this generation?" I, myself have started down the road of that useless fault/blame conversation, many times. This, of course, is damaging and based in shame. By now, anybody who has read Brene Brown's work on leadership development knows that this type of thinking puts every company culture in reverse. Besides, we raised them! 

Something to consider is, what if we decided to view life as one experience after another, designed to give us more freedom, ease and workability in our lives? I think often we don't always see experience, especially negative ones, as a way to grow. What if there is nothing wrong? Maybe experience and what we do with it is the whole point in life.

A sage once said, "knowledge with experience becomes wisdom. Experience with wisdom becomes transformation."