Straight Talk

Salon owners are often afraid to be straight with their team members. It’s important to remember to celebrate when you have wins and your business is doing well. It’s also important to let your team know when your business is not doing well. As they are part of the problem. And part of the solution.

When you’re straight with people, you find out very quickly what they’re committed to.

Every business goes through a period of highs and lows for lots of reasons. In our business, it’s mostly because we need to be reinvigorated with new ideas. Being straight with your team allows you to flush out the staff who are committed to you, your vision, and your guests, and the ones who are not.

And, if you focus on the ones that are committed to your vision, then you can pull the other ones off the fence. Or create a culture where those who aren’t aligned, jump ship.

And then you have a powerful team moving in the same direction. And with a strong team, you can move your vision forward much faster, with resilience and a competitive spirit.

Reflections from Beyond the Chair
by Andrew McAleese, Owner of La Luma Salon & Academy