Playing Nice in the Workplace


One of the many valuable lessons learned at La Luma Academy, and one that I believe continues as an apprentice is that you will inevitably have to work with people who you may not like—or maybe even get along with. Anyone who has been in the workplace, or on any team for that matter, has had the experience of having people on the team that they just can't imagine interacting with any more than they absolutely have to.

A couple of questions arise when I think of people who I like that are on my team or are in my space: 

  1. Do I give those people who I like honest and difficult feedback? 
  2. Do I hold them accountable?
  3. Am I nice to the point that I only tell them what they want to hear? 
  4. Do I push them out of their comfort zone when listening to their goals and dreams? 
  5. Do I make sure that I am liked? Regardless of the effect on others? 

coworkersPhoto by Kindel Media from Pexels

I have noticed that when I like people, I am more inclined to not give difficult feedback simply because I like them. I don’t want to risk them not liking me or having them possibly change to a personality I may not like. I think this is where many of us get stuck. At the end of the day, it's not about like or dislike it's about workability and results.

This is how most of us survived adolescence and even adulthood. It's clear that survival is what really is at play here. If we truly want to thrive in the workplace, which is essential in business, then we must put forward the purpose of the business and its wellness first. In doing so, the wellness of people also improves.

Often the best performing team is one you align with on the team and organizational goals first and foremost. Not necessarily people who you like.

Nice people do finish last. It’s the kind, respectful, purpose-driven people that finish, more often than not, first.