New Year, New Vision


As we close out one year and prepare to launch a new one, reflection is on my mind. I want to encourage you to have a quick look at the previous year and reflect on what you and your team created. I say a quick look because I don't want you to dwell on it. I don't want you to simply recreate what was but to see what did or didn’t work best for you and your team. I think if we spend too much time reflecting on the past, then we run the risk of recreating what was—not on what could be.

New YearPhoto by cottonbro studio

In my experience, we often focus on our mistakes and don't understand or use the learning from our mistakes. Often we are too uncomfortable to really have a look and communicate with our teams about the previous year's workability. My suggestion is focus on what worked, build on it, analyze it and start there. Be very clear with your intentions. What you focus on expands!

Celebrate your learnings and launch you and your team into a new year of creativity, excitement, risk and reward. In my opinion, this is a sure way to get alignment moving forward. An aligned team is a powerful one. Who doesn't want to start the year powerfully?

Besides, everyone likes a fresh start. If you are like me at this time of year I am kind of done with leftovers.