Money Talks


It is an important part of everyone's education to know who you are doing business with. I say this because we really do need to know who our money is going to and what it is used for. 

I also say this both as a professional consumer of products and as a private consumer. If we are aware of who we are supporting and what their purpose in business is, then we can be empowered. Money talks and if we as consumers are careful and selective with who and how we spend it, then we have some influence over the impact of those transactions.

Person holding debit cardPhoto by Pixabay

We can move from a reactive consumer state to becoming a responsible consumer by shopping locally, purchasing from local farmers, and choosing fair trade imported products. We can also do this by choosing greener personal and household hygiene products. Choices are empowering if well informed.I struggle with this myself, as it can be a monumental task to be aware of every consumer choice. Maybe if we start with one area of consumption at a time, it can be manageable and impactful.

All we have to do is pay attention to some media reports to see many examples of how we humans and our behavior can be detrimental to others and the planet.

Dollars and cents are our voice and our accountability mechanism. Let's use it.