Hitting Your Goals


Along with any sales team, there is a set of goals. Goals are an essential target for anyone because if you don't have a destination then you will be sure never to get there. So goals essentially are a destination and it is important to design an attainable one. It is equally important to believe and declare your intention of hitting it!

This is essential as you start the journey toward the goal, as you will surely encounter many challenges and setbacks. The bigger the goal, the more fraught the journey. That makes it all the more worthwhile.

As I mentioned earlier, beliefs are an important part of hitting any goal. The tricky part is that there may be no evidence that the goal can even be hit. The way to achieve a goal is to think and behave as if you will hit it anyway. This may sound strange, but one of the ways to do this is first to see yourself hitting the goal in your mind's eye. This is a technique used by many sports coaches and sports psychologists. Over and over, athletes are asked to visualize themselves hitting the goal or perfecting a particular technique.

GoalsPhoto by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Part two of hitting any goal is the declaration. A declaration is when we state publically what we are committed to. This can be tricky because we humans will often make a commitment and then declare it, but we aren't really committed to it, we are actually committed to something else. This always shows up in people's actions. Want to know what people are committed to? Watch their behaviour. 

Finally, if you want to hit a goal you have to be committed to it, no matter what! Visualize yourself hitting that goal over and over day in and day out until it crystallizes in your mind. Declare your goal publically and ask for accountability. Declare when you will hit your goal. If your goal is tangible, use the appropriate metrics to measure your progress. If it is intangible then create a clear context. Ask for help, especially from people who have done what you are trying to do. Clarify whether it's a short-term goal, a six-month goal, or even a 3-year to 10-year goal. 

My final point is don't look externally for inspiration. People can be inspiring. Inspiration is internal, it's personal to you. Inspiration comes when you push yourself past your comfort zone and achieve something. Inspiration is those few minutes of satisfaction when you step back and bask in a job well done!