From Motivation to Inspiration—and Back Again


A question that I am often asked as a salon owner and educator, is how to stay motivated and how to get inspired. These are great questions and I always start by saying that no one can do either for you. You must be in control and know the difference.

Firstly, motivation is our willingness to do something. It’s the ability and the desire to control our own outcomes. This is very powerful knowledge, as you must be clear on what you want and need, and, on a deeper level, know what you are really committed to. This might take some personal reflection or a couple of conversations with someone who won't simply tell you what you want to hear.

Secondly, do you have the skills to get you to your destination?

InspirationPhoto by Alex Fu from Pexels

To be inspired is the next level. This I find very interesting because to be inspired is to be in spirit. This suggests something much larger than ourselves. Inspiration arrives after we have completed an arduous task. Inspiration is the result of doing something that we find hard, difficult, tiring, frustrating, risky, fearful, physically demanding or anything that would be a lot easier if we just didn't bother. The few minutes that we have to push ourselves to go on despite all our emotions telling us to stop are known as the golden minutes. These minutes are what inspiration is born out of. 

After we have tested and taken stock of our accomplishments is when the magic of inspiration appears. This is when we are gifted the energy of inspiration for ourselves and others

Give it a try. I would like to hear about your experiences.