Experience is Wisdom


There is a message that I have been giving to our students at La Luma Academy lately, and it is one that I hope will ease their minds in both their daily activities and development. The message is: do not believe anything that is said by anyone, be it a teacher, politician, scientist or any other person or organization. My message to them is to go and experience it for yourself, whether it be hairstyling tips, financial advice or productivity recommendations. Go and conduct your own experiment. Try it on and see for yourself. Your own personal experience is the only truth that matters because it is your truth. What works for one does not always work for all. Our job here at the academy is to teach our students what has worked for us as people, but also as professionals. 

Experience that is tested again and again eventually turns into wisdom. What is possibly more powerful than wisdom? 

ExperiencePhoto by ROMAN ODINTSOV

Everything that we are teaching at the academy and to the salon team is directly from my own thirty years of experience in the salon industry. I understand that it is not the only way, but I have had success. This is my unique version. My suggestion is that whenever you see someone that has, at least in your perception, a level of success that you aspire to, try it on, and see for yourself whether or not you like it or agree with it. Conduct your own experiment and see objectively for yourself. Experiment with experience and refine it until it is your own. Don't be one of those people that decides the outcome before the experiment, because then you are outside of the world of facts and relegated to the world of opinion, conformity, gossip and stagnation. Who wants that? A question worth pondering for a moment or two.

PS Don't believe a word I say! Experiment and experience it for yourself. Then you can draw your own conclusions. Powerful ones, highly workable ones.