Can I Get a Job as a Hairstylist?


There are many questions to ask and ponder when trying to narrow down where you’ll pursue your post-secondary education. Out of those many questions though, the most important one yet is “can I actually get a job in this field when I graduate?” 

As an educator at La Luma Academy, I have students ask me all the time about what employment will look like once they graduate from our hairstyling program. I’m always proud to share that we have many students stay on as apprentices within our salon, move on to other established salons, or take the brave and exciting leap to open their own salon. Our program’s blend of technical, hands-on, and life skills set our students up to enter the workforce with confidence. 

That confidence comes from learning real-world skills. This looks like learning about finances, interpersonal skills, interview and resume prep, and leadership skills. With over 20 years of experience as a stylist, salon owner, and educator, I know that being a successful stylist after graduation takes more than simply learning the basics and technicalities of haircare and styling. I see proof of it in our academy alumni every year. 

What sets La Luma Academy apart from other hairstyling schools is that we work salon floor experience right into our curriculum. After five months in our program, our intermediate students get to make the transition to the salon floor as stylists. Here they get to put their technical skills to the test and practice their interpersonal skills while consulting with guests. Student stylists are salon floor ready at this stage of their education with us, while still engaged in learning their craft. They have honed the fundamentals of classroom theory, and mannequin practice, and are allowed a chance to practice in a real setting. This makes the transition from student to apprentice a smooth one. 

      TeachingStudentsAndrewHair cutting

Because of the salon floor experience that La Luma Academy offers, students are more than ready to step into an apprenticeship position upon completion of the program. Whether graduates stay on with the La Luma team or venture off to their own independent endeavours, our students stand apart from graduates of other programs thanks to their leadership skills, personability, and confidence. 

Speaking of apprenticeships, La Luma’s apprenticeship program is designed with a specific curriculum for apprentices to follow, ensuring a full range of skill development, meaning that they become increasingly skilled at generating revenue, and honing their retailing skills, as well as receiving and implementing feedback on all aspects of their performance throughout their apprenticeship. This creates the ability to join any salon team as a high-value asset. Because we have spent years building our relationship, developing trust, and demonstrating value, apprentices are often offered stylist positions within our salon, with full books, excellent rapport with the existing salon floor team, and solid guest relationships.

A key aspect of our apprenticeship program is that participants are engaged from the beginning with the day-to-day operations, guest services, sales, and our team leadership dynamics. Apprentices are integrated into all aspects of the culture that has been intentionally developed at our salon. All members of the La Luma team, from student stylists to senior stylists, are encouraged and empowered to engage in continuous personal and professional development activities, increasing their creativity, skill development, and product knowledge in addition to their ability to set goals, overcome obstacles and become the best versions of themselves.

When prospective or current students ask the question “can I get a job as a hairstylist after graduation?” the answer is a resounding yes. With La Luma Academy’s high placement rate, students can focus on their learning and development instead of focusing on the potential dread of finding employment. 

“I want to thank @lalumaacademy for giving me the patience I required and the tools I needed to pull me out of my armour when I started this career. I was so closed off and without them, I would have never opened up and believed in who I really am. If you met me and you like me, it’s because of them.” -Taylor Ciccotelli, La Luma Academy Alumni 

For more insight into what life as a La Luma Academy student will look like, and alumni success stories, head over to @lalumaacademy on Instagram. We’re always sharing exciting moments from the day-to-day life within our academy and what past students are up to now.