Are you committed to your goals?


This morning I was spending time with our current students, which is always a highlight for me. What I usually talk about with them is my own journey through the salon world, and how La Luma came to be. What became apparent to me as I recounted my story is how life really did work out, even when I thought it wouldn’t. This jog down memory lane with my students had me reminiscing about all the ups and downs, the uncertainty, the risks, and everything in between. More importantly, though, it had me reflecting on commitment

As I recounted the story, I realized that I did get everything that I wanted throughout my career—I got everything that I asked for. There is an old saying, "be careful what you wish for” and in my experience, this is true. But when we become clear on what we are committing to, to what our goals are, then the journey becomes that much easier, and can take us by less of a surprise. 

VisionPhoto by B.Bailey from Pexels

What's a commitment? It’s the quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. This can be conscious and unconscious, of course, and it is important to be clear on what goals and aspirations you’re committing to.

Are you committed to growing or staying the same? Are you committed to increasing your ability to respond to life or sidestepping life lessons? Are you talking straight to yourself about what you are committed to? Do you seek out people who will keep you accountable?

When I ask people what they are committed to they often will only give me a surface-level answer. In my experience, most of us don't really spend time or dig deep as to what our commitments are, but it is worth a deep dive. It's clear to me that if we understand what we are asking for—what we are committing to—then we can achieve clarity on how the journey may unfold. We can remain realistic, get into action, and reap the rewards.