15 Questions to Ask Your Hairstyling School


There are many nuances that can be difficult to recognize, let alone communicate, when choosing a cosmetology post secondary program. This also applies to anyone trying to discern any program and the impact of completing it.

What questions should you ask when you’re considering a cosmetology program? I come at this question from an interesting perspective and unique level of experience as a consumer, a college founder and owner and a father who at some point is going to sit down with my children and choose a program and institution. Let me take the opportunity to explore for the benefit of you and myself what to look for in the nuances of a cosmetology program and why they are important.

CollegePhoto by Charlotte May


1) Is there any experience on a salon floor with paying guests?

2) How many guests would a student see during their time on the salon floor?

3) What types of services would students be performing ? What is the level of service complexity?

4) What supports exist on the salon floor for students performing services? 

5) What specific human or promotional skills are being taught to students?

6) How is student progress measured and monitored on the salon floor?

7) What specific benefits will the students gain as a person by attending this college ?

8) How do you teach technical skills and why?

9) Will the students be ready to perform services on the salon floor upon completion of the program?  What does that look like?

10) What are the top three technical and personal skills necessary to be successful in the career?

11) What does employment look like and what is the likelihood of finding a quality apprenticeship? What is a typical time frame?

12) What is a quality apprenticeship? How long is it? 

13) What will my career look like 3-5 years after graduation?

14) What is possible and or what might a typical hairstyling career look like 5 years plus  post graduation?

15) What advice would you give someone considering entering beauty college?

I think the above questions are a great way to start some very frank and insightful conversations that will best infoarm a very important life decision. I think it is important to realize that everyone has a program to sell, that is how we get paid after all. I also sincerely believe that everyone thinks that their program is great—and many are. My final comment is that in my experience, experience is what counts especially in a hands-on program. Experience combined with a motivated student, current and relevant knowledge, accountability and feedback, is the making of an excellent program.